Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Custom Software Development for Banking and Finance

The  Banking, Financial Services and Insurance  industries are facing challenges post the financial meltdown due to increasing security requirements, regulatory norms, increased compliance burden and many more. The survival and success of companies in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance  industries can be improved significantly by meeting ever-increasing customers’ expectations and implementing new banking and finance software solutions such as digital, mobile and analytics.

Some of the challenges faced by these industries are:
  • Constant changes in regulatory norms, standards and compliance burden
  • Increased pressure of customer acquisition, customer retention and revenue growth
  • Launching new and innovative products at competitive price
  • Ensuring Excellent Customer Services
  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Managing Risks

To mitigate such challenges, our Banking and Finance Software Developers at OG Software Solutions provide Custom Software Development Services for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries that enable companies to effectively fulfill customers’ expectations, take accurate decisions, comply with regulatory requirements, improve business performances, mitigate operational risks, increase customer base and retention with growth in revenue and many more benefits.

Gain Efficiency through High-Quality Services

With OG Software Solutions’s banking and finance software, you can achieve the following benefits:

Shorten delivery time for client services.
Ensure regulatory compliance and security.
Gain a competitive advantage.
Decrease time-to-market for cutting-edge mobile app.
Increase productivity of your team by ensuring seamless workflows.
Reduce operating costs by using integrated technology solutions.
Build customer trust through multi-channel communication.
Mobile Applications

Starting from concept to code, OG Software Solutions has gained experience in developing cross platform and native mobile apps for banking and financial companies like –

Mobile Banking Apps
Digital Wallet Apps
Investment Mobile Apps
Insurance Mobile Apps
Accounting Mobile Apps
Accounting Software

Our certified software developers can provide different types of accounting software for seamless and quick –

Invoice Processing
Flexible Reporting
Payroll Management
Expense Management
Cloud Storage
Insurance Management System

We specialize in developing insurance management system providing great user experiences including –


Policy Administration


Claims Management


Powerful Reporting


API Integration
Analytics Solutions

Our developers have gained expertise in building analytics solutions that can help financial businesses to –

  • Access complete business information from a single platform
  • Predict risk and take the necessary measures to avoid risk
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Improve methods of reaching out to customers
Payment Gateway / API System

Helping our clients to accept online payments in a secure manner, we can build payment gateway system which includes –

  • Multiple payment options (credit/debit cards, internet banking, etc.)
  • Multiple currency processing (USD, GBR, AED, etc.)
  • Multiple channel payment processing (mobile devices, mail-to-order, etc.)
  • Fraud transactions detection
  • Analytics and report generation