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Manufacturing technology provides the productive tools that power a growing, stable economy and a rising standard of living.

OG Software Solutions is a business automation and management software providers for small to midsize companies. It integrates with accounting , inventory control, employee management system, staff attendance, payroll system, customer ticketing system, inquiry management system material requirements planning (MRP) and job shop floor control/manufacturing execution.

It is a advanced system, with features for barcoding, asset management, raw materials management, cycle counting and customized reporting. The system also automates the quoting, ordering and purchasing processes. The work order system enables users to create and share work orders for a variety of tasks.

OG Software Solutions offers training and support resources through its training videos, online tutorials, in-house specialists and more.  OG Software Solutions ’s integration with QuickBooks allows users to integrate manufacturing, sales, and distribution processes with back office accounting. Additionally, it also integrates with third-party accounting, shipping, e-Commerce and merchant services.

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