Blockchain Wallet Development

Blockchain wallet Development
Blockchain Wallet Development

The Blockchain is an open-source decentralized technology which stores every transaction of digital currency. Initially, the advent of blockchain in the market was for providing a secure cryptocurrency exchange platform. But, today, the technology can work for almost every kind of transaction including goods, value, property, and money.

A blockchain wallet store private and public keys for a transaction. The wallet interacts with multiple Blockchains to validate a transaction, enabling users to purchase or sell one or multiple cryptocurrencies.

The Blockchain is also considered as a prime technology used for storing and exchanging of other crypto coins. Due to this fact, the demand and popularity of Blockchain-based application development and Cryptocurrency Wallets development have been rising.


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Payment methods

Make transaction with simple and secure methods that range from fiat money, Bitcoin, Eth and top cryptocurrencies etc.


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How Will Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Help You?

Secure online payments with public and private key
Simplified cryptocurrency exchange for your users
Transfer of funds without transaction fees
Inflation process does not influence as the value remains the same

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services?

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Whitelabel Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Features

2-factor authentication

To maintain a secure user account.

Most used addresses

To access all the readily available user addresses.

Paper wallet development

To be able to scan and process paper cryptocurrencies.

QR code scanner

To send and accept cryptocurrencies in a single click.

Push notifications

To get alerts on transactions and when the value/price of cryptocurrencies change.

Merchant services

To join as a merchant and to browse other cryptocurrency merchants.


To protect the user accounts with password and PIN.

Transaction history

To view the past transactions carried out on the wallet.

Advantages of Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet


Hundreds of distinct cryptocurrencies have come into existence. Each holds unique infrastructure, ecosystem and purpose. If you’re inclined to using different currencies, the multi-currency wallet will let you access several currencies from the same/single wallet.

Detect Duplicate Payments

The reason why cryptocurrency systems, in general, don’t accept charge-backs, it’s rather risky for fund suppliers to reap more out of nothing or precisely by performing fraudulence. Additionally, with the 2-factor authorization protocol, the private wallet keys are extremely secured.

Automatic Session Logout

In order to enhance the primary security process, every single session logs out automatically. Initiating new login triggers after every X time (minutes or hours) will apparently keep the fund and account secured.

Inflation-Free Investment

Every cryptocurrency is supposed to contain after it hits/surpasses specific value. Because the quantity of virtual currency cannot exceed certain value/amount, the cryptocurrency can ever stay off the inflation grid.