Smart Contract

smart contracts
Smart Contract

Like many ideas in the blockchain industry, a general confusion shrouds so called ‘smart contracts’. A new technology made possible by public blockchains, smart contracts are difficult to understand because the term partly confuses the core interaction described. While a standard contract outlines the terms of a relationship (usually one enforceable by law), a smart contract enforces a relationship with cryptographic code. Put differently, smart contracts are programs that execute exactly as they are set up to by their creators.

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller is directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, Blockchain network.

Smartcontract Creation

A computer protocol within blockchain network intended to follow every specific regulation without any third-parties.

ERC20 token standard

Making every exchanges and transaction simple with ERC20 token standards, integrated within your ICO development services.

ICO Dashboard

A clean and neat dashboard with custom panels, insights, analytics, reports etc. available for admin and investor profiles separately.

Payment methods

Make transaction with simple and secure methods that range from fiat money, Bitcoin, Eth and top cryptocurrencies etc.

Sponsor Bonus

A special Sponsor Bonus is rewarded for a potential investor introducer for bringing in new investment. Sponsor Bonus may be in ICO token

Promo codes

Promo codes are available for every potential investor for better choices and offer availabilities.

ICO Website

Creating a unique and attractive ICO website with best UI/UX template designs. It’s a key factor during the ICO campaign/token sale event.

Mint & Burn token

Take care of token sale event as per prevailing conditions/demand for regulating the coin circulation.

Where are Smart Contract used?
Decentralized Finance

Investments, Lending and Borrowing has been disrupted globally with smart contracts with over $450mil already being invested

Real Estate

Fractional ownership of real-estate is now feasible, with governments & enterprises embracing smart contracts for real estate & land record management

Financial Inclusion

Using smart contracts, emerging governments are trying to leapfrog the implementation of financial inclusion in their countries. Citizens no longer need bank accounts.

Transportation and Logistics

Freight bill auditing, information exchange between vendors & customers, access to finance is increasingly being managed with smart contracts

Supply Chain Track & Trace

Smart Contracts combined with advanced data acquisition tools are redefining traceability for farm-to-fork, warehouse-to-retail and such other supply chains globally

Certificate Issuance

Immutable timestamping of a document to prove that it was issued at a specific time by an issuer is now feasible using smart contracts

Advantages of Smart Contracts
  • Quick
  • Reliable
  • Automatic
  • Decentralized execution
  • Associated with Cryptocurrency
  • A self auditing mechanism of digital value
  • A network of computing nodes
  • A shared public ledger
  • No failure
  • Can create multiple business models
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